The Zilker park, although is open to the public, the city manager or his designee may choose to close certain areas to preserve wildlife or if facilities are not in working order. Attendees should not enter any restricted or closed areas, unless in an emergency.

Behavior standards are as you would expect in any public place or venue. Any disruptive, destructive or hazardous actions will not be allowed and may either be asked to leave or be issued a warning. These rules have been put in place to ensure that every person can enjoy the park and all of its wildlife and nature.

Food and drinks are allowed within the site but patrons are NOT allowed to sell any items including; food, drinks or any other. If you wish to sell you must hold a permit that has been issued officially by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Metal Detectors are prohibited within the Zilker park, unless you hold a permit, again this must be issued officially by the same department as mentioned above.